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Your personal account allows you to access a large variety of new additional classes per month like STEP classes (for beginners but also intermediate and advanced levels), LIA classes ( for beginners but also intermediate and advanced levels), BODYWORK classes, STRETCHING classes, YOGA classes, PILATES classes … Extra-classes and many more surprises ! Examples of usual classes :



Pilates consist of a series of physical exercises.

It is a discipline that was developed at the beginning of the 20th century by Joseph Pilates who was interested in the human body and sport.

Pilates is practiced on a mat with or without accessories and it aims at developing inner muscles, improving your posture, finding muscular balance and joint mobility, maintaining/improving/restoring physical functions.




It’s a super fun class with a choreography!

Following the example of step classes, Aerodance or LIA heightens your muscular stamina.

Activates your cardio-vascular system and it develops your coordination, your rhythm and your memory.

It’s a must-see : a major class in our freestyle world !



This class will allow you to stretch each and every muscular area and it also aims at improving flexibility and articular range.

What’s more, it gives you the possibility to get better posture and reduce the aches and pains that can be caused by stress and tiredness. A relaxing time to regain flexibility and mobility.



It’s a very fun class where you use a ‘step’

It boosts your muscular stamina

Activates the cardio-vascular system

Develops your coordination, your rhythm and your memory

It’s freestyle’s most popular discipline !




Yoga is built around a set of postures and breathing exercises that aim at bringing physical and psychological well-being.

Yoga is an ancient lifestyle as is explained in all texts, and it reveals the initiatory path that overcomes the physical discipline.

Meditation designates a mental practice which generally consists of a focus on a certain object, at the level of thought, emotions, body.
In a spiritual approach, it can be an exercise, even a way of Self-realization and awakening.
To do at the end of a workout session or to finish your day serene in peace …



Muscle strengthening and training are activities or training programs that aim to work a specific muscle chain in order to improve its efficiency.
The exercises can be done only with body weight or with loads.
The methods used are rich and varied in order to suit beginners but also the most trained, resulting in many benefits such as: – Prevention of injuries and improvement of posture
– Better physical performance
– Bone strengthening
– Anti-aging effect
– Loss of mass fat
– Development of the cardio-vascular system
etc …




Dance is the Art of expressing oneself… with his own body by interpreting choreographic compositions.
We give you sequences based on musical expression (rhythm, sounds, lyrics, history, etc.) to discover and / or rediscover vintage, modern, known or unknown songs.
The movements had been arranged so as tallow as many members and the replay will allow you to see and review all the details endlessly …

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