A unique concept

 authentic moments and
 a one of a kind experience !

– Inspirational professionnals
– Top-notch teaching
– A large variety of classes
– Quality videos
– Anytime you want, anywhere you want !



Our concept was created for you ! We offer to train you and give you an opportunity to escape your daily life thanks to varied classes given by professionals who were filmed in many different surroundings, from urban to more natural ones.

Freestyle Absolutely allows you to follow yours classes wherever and whenever you want.

Every month , you can enjoy a large variety of additional exclusive classes that you can watch again and again.

Whether it be on your phone or tablet or computer or television, choose the screen on which you want to watch your program.

EXCLUSIVE…In order to share his knowledge and skills, Jérôme Durand offers you, the professionals, the Feedback pro and the Teaching pro!

Are you ready to go to the next level?


Wherever you are …

The best classes

Follow you everywhere !

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